BTS Engineer

A base transceiver station (BTS) engineer plays an important part in the cellular network communication sector. The BTS engineer handles cell site installation, plus development and commissioning of the mobile station network. Our ideal BTS engineer will have the following:

  • Extensive BTS commissioning and installation experience, installing and commissioning for 3900 and 6500 LTE, 3G and 4G sites.
  • RF (radio frequency) Awareness Certification or proof of training (which ensures good practical understanding of RF radiation issues for BTS engineers working on, or near, buildings, structures or telecoms masts – plus an understanding of current legislation). 
  • Rooftop Safety Access Certification or proof of training (to ensure BTS engineers are approved to work at height and aware of potential hazards).
  • First Aid at Work Certification (FAW) or proof of training (to ensure BTS engineers who work in environments with hazards and risks, based on their needs assessment, are able to assist themselves and others should the need arise).
  • Preferably on the Hawaii QPL (Qualified Persons List) and ideally have worked in a BTS engineering role on one or more UK networks including Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, Orange, Virgin and EE. 
  • Preferably be accredited by Ericsson as an RBS 6000 I&C Engineer – and ideally have worked on the Telephonic network in a BTS engineering role.
  • Preferably have Nokia Flexi BTS knowledge and experience (base station subsystem) in a BTS engineering role.
  • Excellent communications skills, including reading and both written and spoken English.
  • Team working skills – the ability to work as a team on the same site/BTS engineering project.
  • Have a current driving license

 Our BTS engineering roles typically include:

  • BTS engineers
  • BMS commissioning
  • BTS field engineers
  • BTS installation
  • Integration technicians
  • Site auditors
  • Swap-out engineers (including for idea , Samsung ,Hawaii , Ericsson, ZTE, Alcatel and Siemens) 
  • Install power system units (such as Braga Moro, Power One and Delta)
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