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ARN Teleservices is an innovative all-star team of communications professionals, unified by a no-nonsense approach that builds brands, companies and reputations. Through "better thinking and relentless execution," we express our work ethic and our core values of quality and premium, personal service. We're a hybrid organization - virtual for professional services, traditional for administrative support. We think, we write, we pitch - and we use the news media strategically to help our clients grow.
ARN Teleservices was primarily engaged in the Telecom installations and operations support for fixed and Wireless operators. It was inspired to diversify into RF services & in building solutions to Wireless providers. Now beyond these services, it has expanded to cover Turnkey solutions, RF Planning and Optimization, Network Performance Services, Switch Planning, IP Planning and Project management.


Radio Frequency Engineers

Radio frequency engineers are specialists within the electrical engineering field. They work with devices that transmit or receive radio waves, including wireless equipment, radios, and cellular phones. A background in general electronics, physics, and math is needed to design and improve wireless networks. Engineers also must have good communication skills because they may be expected to work in teams or with others outside of their field.

BTS Engineer

A base transceiver station (BTS) engineer plays an important part in the cellular network communication sector. The BTS engineer handles cell site installation, plus development and commissioning of the mobile station network. .

Installation and Commissioning of Microwaves

A microwave antenna is a physical transmission device used to broadcast microwave transmissions between two or more locations.. Microwave Antenna System Basics, Installation & Alignment covers many aspects of microwave antenna systems including selecting microwave antennas, safety, planning, installation, alignment and troubleshooting.

EMF Testing

EMF refers to electro-magnetic field which is a combination of electric and magnetic field which is widely spread throughout the space. This field propagates in the form of waves and is produced mainly because of charges and its movement..

Urgent Requirement of Fresher/ Experience B.Tech /Diploma/ ITI as a BTS Engineer , RF Engineer , Telecom Engineer ,Nock Engineer ,Transmission Engineer , Rigger and Technician . .

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